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Three types of marketing MIND.


Marketing is the science of building and maintaining relationships. Anyone who's ever had a friend knows this to be true, but the idea is even more powerful when applied to marketing.

The three types of marketing mind are built around three different ways that marketers think about their relationships with customers and prospects. How brands show up in people's minds is important. But what happens when it goes wrong?. The power of community marketing can't be overstated, it's been proven time and again that connecting with people one-on-one has massive value for your business.

Communicator, Analyser, Driver

Both these people think that data and analysis are vital for success. They believe professional success is driven by confidence. Analysers are the people who look at the data and results of marketing campaigns, analyse them, check they are doing what they set out to do, then report back on what has happened so far. Their job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently so that you don’t have any problems or issues in your business. If something goes wrong with an advertising campaign or a product launch then it's an analyst who will try to work out why this happened before recommending solutions for next time around.

Communicator, Analyser, Creative

The communicator is the marketing MIND who believes leadership often requires assertiveness to achieve progress. They are driven by their curiosity and desire for personal growth. They have strong leadership skills and a natural ability to communicate effectively with others. The communicator approaches every challenge with an open mind and an eye towards creativity.

Industry professionals, Empathiser, Driver

The group is more likely to be imaginative than structured in their thinking. They are also good communicators and have a high level of emotional intelligence. They need to be able to analyse data, but they also need to drive results.

If you think that you might fit into this category of the MIND, then it’s important that you take action now. If not, your career will stagnate and ultimately fail as other people move ahead of you because they are taking on new challenges and learning new skills at every opportunity they get.


So, which one are you? Well, maybe all three. Maybe none of them fit exactly. Maybe you don't want to be any of these types at all! That's OK! Just remember that whatever type you are, there is room for growth and development in any role. And it's important to understand what makes each role unique so that when it comes time for promotion or hiring new talent into your organization, we can make sure everyone feels comfortable doing what they do best.

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